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At the Wadsworth law firm of Palecek, McIlvaine, Hoffmann & Morse, we encourage mediation for northeast Ohio couples who decide to divorce. Mediation is available for parties living in Medina, Wayne, or Summit Counties. Settling divorce matters outside of court with the assistance of a mediator can often save time and money for folks facing the end of their marriage.

With our help, you will learn that mediation's goals of seeking agreement on issues in a divorce are generally less costly and time-consuming than days in trial in court . With our experienced mediation attorneys' counsel and personal service, you will be encouraged to work privately and cooperatively with your spouse to resolve sensitive issues like spousal support (alimony) and child custody calmly and effectively.

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With mediation you maintain control of the process. The atmosphere is one of calm, rational exchange of ideas and issues. The rapport you may develop can prove beneficial in later long-range communications with your spouse.

With children, it is all about allocating parental rights and responsibilities with the best interest of the children in mind. Achieving this goal as parents with a united front models good problem solving for your children with the added benefit that you as parents may find an authentic feeling of accomplishment.

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